Welcome to the Ringström Philatelic Museum!

Sigurd Ringström, or Sigge for short, as was his most commonly used Christian name, is perhaps internationally the most well-known Swedish philatelist of all time. Already in early years he started collecting stamps and in time established one of the world’s most comprehensive private collections which in many respects is unique and contain objects not even represented at “Postmuseum” in Stockholm.

Through the years, Sigge was awarded many distinctions for his eminent philatelic research. In 1969 he received the Strandell medal, in 1977 he signed ”The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists” and in 1983 he was bestowed the philatelic world’s most distinguished mark of honor, the Crawford medal.

In 1970, Sigge and his wife donated the greater part of the collections to a foundation called Stiftelsen Ringströms Museum för Filateli. The collections are kept in the safe vaults of a bank in Trelleborg. Thus, the possibilities of a closer inspection have so far been very limited. For some years a successive transfer to digital media has been, and remains, ongoing.

Through this home page we wish to make the collections available to all philatelists and other interested parties worldwide. The content is free and open for private use; for more widely distribution, however, reference to the source is required.

This first version includes only a part of the collections, mainly from the Swedish section, but will successively be extended and supplemented.